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Gold Size Adhesive oil based

Gold Size Adhesive oil based

Gold Size Adhesive oil based

Gold Size Adhesive oil based, buy 1 shot fast dry gold size, Gilders fast gold size or La franc gold size here. We have Slow Size and fast sizes, Gilders brand even has a real slow size that a 24-48 hour pure fat oil size that can produce the highest gild of all, and is design for the Architectural and Signage marketplaces.

Gold Size-Oil based, used for attaching Gold and Silver leaf when gilding surfaces such as Glass, Wood and Metal. Oil based Gold Size produces a satin glow which is visible up to 90 percent of the time. Gold Size-Oil based nowadays comes in a variety of dry and setup times. Fast gold sizes produce a dull satin gild, while the slower the gold size is, the brighter the gild results are. Slow Gold Size stay "Open-tacky" longer and you will have a longer period of time attach gold or silver leaf.

Gold Sizes dry times results vary based on temperature and humidity

  • Quik Rubbing Varnish: very fast 5-15 min set-up tack time
  • Japan or Venice Gold Size: very fast 15-30 min set-up tack time
  • 1 hr. Fast Gold Size: very fast 30-1 hour set-up tack time
  • 3 hr. Medium or Commercial Gold Size: very fast 3-4 hour set-up tack time
  • 12 hr. Slow Gold Size: very fast 30-1 hour set-up tack time
  • 24 hr. Slowest-Pure Fat Oil: 24-48 hour set-up tack time

Gilders used to mix their own chemicals for gilding and with gold size they started with Fat Oil made by rendering down animal fats in a low heat, then stored typically on a roof over the Summer too thicken, stirring the fat a couple of times a month over 3-6 months. Pure Fat Oil mixed with varnish made from damar pitch(resin) and wood grain alcohol or turpentine(thinners-reducers) to speed up dry time and to add strength-flexibility. Do not confuse strength-flexibility with longevity, pure fat oil size has the great durability over time and is why it is used for capital Domes and Statues where the public won't touch. Gold Size with a greater volume-amount of varnish is considered faster. Fast Gold Size is made to dry faster to get the job done in a rush or to be ready (closed-size) sooner for clear coat finishing.

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