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Black Mother of Pearl

Black Mother of Pearl

Black Mother of Pearl

Black Mother of Pearl for sale here. Also known as BLACK M.O.P. is made from select pieces of Tahitian black M.O.P. with lots of red and green iridescence. You may buy black mother of pearl here. Made from carefully chosen chunks of Tahitian black M.O.P. with abundant red and green iridescence, this substance is also known as black m.o.p.

Veneer Sheet: Black Mother of Pearl Thin .006"-.009"

name: Pinctada margaritifera; Tahiti

The black-lip pearl oyster, or Pinctada margaritifera, is a type of saltwater mollusc and marine bivalve mollusk in the Pteriidae family. In tropical coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific, this species is widespread. P. margaritifera is an important resource for humans because to its capacity to generate pearls. Both aquaculture and wild harvesting of the oysters from coral reefs, which mostly occur in the Indo-Pacific region, are common.

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