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Red Abalone Heart sheets

Red Abalone Heart sheets

Red Abalone Heart sheets

Red Abalone Heart sheets for sale here. Red Abalone Heart comes from the center of the shell, with busy figure much like Green Abalone Heart but more crinkled, dark pinks/violets with touches of turquoise. Excellent quality for reverse glass signage an Inlaying in carvings.

Veneer Sheet: Red Abalone Heart sheets Thick .010"-.013"

name: Haliotis rufescens; USA

A species of very big edible sea snail of to the family Haliotidae, sometimes known as the abalones family, ormer shells or paua, is called Haliotis rufescens or Red Abalone Heart. From British Columbia in Canada to Baja California in Mexico, it is dispersed. The southern portion of the red abalone's range is where it is most prevalent.The largest and most prevalent abalone in California's northern region is the red abalone Heart.

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